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The person and the company Ulla Johnson

Ulla Johnson was born and raised in Manhattan, developing her distinctive style on the streets of New York and at her family's far-flung travel destinations.

After graduating from university in 1998, she founded her eponymous fashion line, which quickly gained attention. Ulla Johnsons was able to gain a good following through trend-setting boutiques.

Ulla lives in Brooklyn with her husband and three children.

She pays great attention to the details of construction, which have become her trademark. All of her collections are based on natural fibers, beautiful workmanship and easy fit.

Ulla Johnson collaborated with Rafael de Cárdenas, known for his work that balances modernity and sensuality, to create a serene environment in which retail conversations will take place.
The feminine and effortless ambience of the space highlights the importance of the physical environment and reflects both Johnson's personal aesthetic and the spirit of the brand. *

Color palette

Calm, neutral tones of blush, bone and sand create a timeless environment of lightness and carefreeness.
A decadent antique silver-gilt display niche in the spacious lounge features a satin brass hanging rod to showcase the collection's key items.

Ulla Johansen’s colours again at a glance :

Gold / Purple
2. Dark Blue
3. Black
4. Agates
5. Obsidian
6. Lotus
7. Moonstone
8. Rosewood
9. Indigo
10. River
11. Fresco
12. Eclipse
13. Camellia
14. Sand
15. Jasmine

And many more…

Quote from Ulla Johnson:

"The integrity of the materials is of utmost importance to me. In both the collections and our interiors, I am always keen to use natural and hand-crafted materials and finishes that have a lasting and unique character.

Travertine, marble, gold leaf, wood, brass and plaster all have a tactile energy and a timeless sense of luxury. It is very exciting to combine them in a way that both honors their history and feels unexpected and modern"

Arts and crafts

Celebrating and developing global craftsmanship and traditional techniques are Ulla Johnson’s focus.
The brand works with a unique global supply chain of artisans and craftsmen from countries such as:








They work very closely with the regions mentioned and offer regular work and sustainable economic development, especially to women in small rural communities.
Ulla Johansen wants to actively give something back with her work