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  • Beschreibung
  • The Italian region of Tuscany is a feast for all the senses. A creative incubator that has cultivated art and architecture for eras such as Etruscans, Romans, Renaissance and modern times. Worn churches that were once at Grand Tours from the 19th century stand high in the city squares. Rolling wheat hills and colorful olive groves that inspire authentic Tuscan cuisine are littered with villas belonging to the renowned Medici family. The Tyrrhenian Sea stretches off their coast and laps the coast of Elba, the island to which Emperor Napoleon was exiled. Picturesque villages, historic towns and bustling towns are scattered across the landscape, which is almost as varied as the communities themselves.

    • 312 pages
    • Over 200 images
    • English language
    • Released in May 2021
    • W 25.4 x L 33 x D 3.81 cm
    • Linen hardcover
    • ISBN: 9781649800015
    • 2.72 kg

    Since the book is surrounded by a protective film, it cannot be returned!

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