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The origin and Greek mythology

The shoe brand Ancient Greek Sandals offers a premium range and is inspired by Greek culture. The brand was founded in Greece by Christina Martini and her business partner Nikolas Minoglou. Due to the designers' origins, Greek mythology became a main motif.

The collections are the perfect summer shoes for every occasion. Whether elegant sandals or cool flip-flops, you will find what you need at the shoe label. Greek mythology inspires the style of the premium brand. This can also be seen in the logo: the golden sandal with wings like the Greek god Hermes.

Ancient Greek Sandals for fashionistas

The premium brand is perfect for all fashion-conscious people and trendsetters. Thanks to their high recognition value and signature styles, they can be perfectly combined as an it-piece in summer. Every single sandal from Ancient Greek Sandals is unique.

The unique pieces are made by top designers using traditional craftsmanship. That's why the designs simply stand out from the crowd and are a real eye-catcher for the summer.

Sandals with the best quality

The material is also carefully selected and meets the standards of all fashion connoisseurs. If you have high demands on the quality of your shoes, you are in good hands with Ancient Greek Sandals. The ancient Greek sandals are made locally by experienced craftsmen using traditional techniques that have been around for centuries.

A rough but feminine aesthetic characterizes this new sandal brand. The chemical-free, natural, light brown leather ages beautifully with time and wear. The specially selected cowhide takes the quality of Ancient Greek Sandals shoes to a new level.

Perfect summer sandals with a Greek look

The Plage flip flops in white are the perfect basics for summer. You can combine them with a casual summer outfit on the beach or in the city in summer. If you want something a little more elegant, you can go for the Plage flip flops in metallic.

Combined with a simple dress, the cool summer evening can begin. The Maistros Mirrors Slides are perfect for trendsetters. With mirror applications and rivets, they immediately catch the eye.

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