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Closed at Marandino: Closed, Fair Since 1978.

Closed is a family business that has built up a trusting team of around 400 employees. The brand's headquarters are in Hamburg and it has many stores and showrooms in Germany, Europe and the USA.

The company draws on European heritage, French creativity, Italian craftsmanship and German tradition.
Closed's DNA is denim products, the brand started as a denim brand. They have been producing jeans since 1978 and pay great attention to every single detail.

French imagination.

Italian craftsmanship.

German tradition.

The founders of Closed:

Til Nadler, Gordon Giers and Hans Redlefsen had a brilliant idea to found Italy's first denim label.
Even today, Closed is a company that is strongly influenced by its origins, has been driving innovation for decades and constantly setting new standards.

Features of Closed


X-Pockets have been around for over 40 years. They make it easier to put your hands in the front pockets. They have a 33-degree angle, creating an X-shape.

There are other features that allow you to immediately recognize a genuine Closed Jeans.

For example, the fly label, which is sewn on by hand by the experts. Or the scissors printed on the pedal pusher. And then of course the triple stitching - the triple seam on the outer side seams of the pedal pusher.


Closed cares about nature conservation and animal welfare, and quality is important to them. That is why they treat resources with respect. During production, they pay attention to the environmental impact and try to constantly reduce it.


All Closed partners are subject to strict requirements regarding the use of chemicals. They agree to comply by signing a Code of Conduct twice a year.

The brand looks for partner companies all over the world who, like the brand itself, make no compromises when it comes to quality. Most of the production facilities are in Europe. They keep delivery routes short and the ecological standard high.

Promise of Closed

They do not process fur, angora or down

Every leather and lambskin used is a byproduct of the food industry.

The brand uses only the best materials.

The company also ensures the highest quality when it comes to buttons, rivets, hang tags and other labels, zippers and ribbons. The metal buttons used, for example, are Cobrax buttons and are produced in a traditional company in Italy.

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