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Corvari Shoes - Handmade Italian men's shoes

Corvari is an Italian shoe brand known for its handmade men's shoes. The brand originated in 1970 in the Italian town of Montegranaro and has since developed into one of the most prestigious shoe brands in Italy. Corvari shoes stand for quality, craftsmanship and style. The brand is particularly known for its timeless designs and high-quality materials.

Handcrafted quality

Corvari shoes are hand-made by experienced shoemakers in Italy. Particular emphasis is placed on the selection of high-quality materials that ensure that the shoes are robust and durable. The shoes are made from genuine leather and other high-quality materials to ensure a comfortable fit and high durability.

Stylish designs

Corvari shoes are timeless and elegant. The brand places particular emphasis on classic designs that suit every occasion. Whether in the office, on special occasions or in your free time - Corvari shoes are always a good choice. The shoes are available in various colors and styles, from classic black leather shoes to trendy sneakers.

Corvari Sale

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Corvari shoes stand for quality, craftsmanship and style. The brand is known for its handmade men's shoes, which are made from high-quality materials. The timeless designs of the shoes are suitable for every occasion and are very comfortable to wear. In the Marandino sale you will find a large selection of shoes at reduced prices. Invest in a pair of Corvari shoes and you will not regret it!


The Corvari brand was founded in 1970 by the Italian master shoemaker Luigi Corvi. Corvi began making shoes by hand in Montegranaro, a town in the Italian region of Marche, and later founded the Corvari brand. Today, the brand is continued by Corvi's sons and has developed into one of the most renowned manufacturers of handmade Italian men's shoes.

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