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Casual and luxurious: Parisian chic by IRO

IRO is unique. The combination of casual, Parisian nonchalance and elegant haute couture inspires even the most demanding fashion victims. IRO's fashion impresses with high-quality materials and sophisticated cuts. With classic colors and designs, as well as extravagant prints, playful, glamorous and rock elements or exciting style breaks, the brand creates a look that is sophisticated and cool at the same time. IRO is always wearable - in the city, in the office and for every special occasion.

IRO fashion, inspired by capital city flair, vintage and the special rock feeling

In 2004, brothers Arik and Laurent Bitton founded the fashion brand IRO. Iro is the French sound of the English word "hero". The Japanese word "iro" means color. However, the IRO brand also features classic muted colors as well as black and white.

One passion of the French fashion designers that is clearly manifested in their designs is their love of rock music. It is always evident in the exciting collections with rock influences. This combination of a casual, cool appearance with Parisian chic and nobility is what makes the IRO brand so successful. Cool and casual during the day, sexy in the evening, and whenever the mood takes you, they mix it up. IRO, available at Marandino, is now represented internationally and continues to delight the classic fashion crowd and stars and public figures. IRO fashion is available for women and men.

Fashion by IRO for independent, self-confident women at Marandino

Typical ingredients for an IRO outfit are

Create your personal IRO style with pieces from Marandino!

You can design your outfit in the typical IRO look - classic, luxurious or casual. The IRO balance is important, a match between sophisticated details and a modern, elegant look with a touch of craziness, romance or extravagance. You can find the ingredients for this at Marandino.

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