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Jerome Dreyfuss

The company:

Jerome Dreyfuss was founded in 2002 and focused on leather accessories with their first collection. This immediately captivated Parisians.

Their first collection “Roots de Luxe” is an expression of the desire to offer products that do not flaunt luxury, even if they are made from fine leathers and materials.

Her motto for her first collection is: “Because true luxury is the freedom to express your own personal style.”

The person behind the company:

Jerome Dreyfuss was born in Nancy in 1974. For Jerome, fashion is his calling.

At the age of 11, he started designing and sewing clothes for his school friends.

At the age of 17, Jerome moved to Paris to study fashion, but he left after three months because he did not understand that “you learn fashion like you study law.”

He then got a job as an assistant to John Galiano. There he expanded his knowledge. After two years he joined the fashion agency team. At the age of 23 he presented his first collection, "cheeky and spontaneous", which catapulted him straight into the elite of Parisian fashion designers.

In 1999, Michael Jackson discovered his work by chance and asked him to create costumes for his last album.

Jerome Dreyfuss focused his work particularly on women and the female body.


The bags are supple and soft so that they follow the body and movements of women without hindering them. That is why Jérôme Dreyfuss' bags are made so that you forget you are wearing them, so that they become almost invisible.


Jerome has always been aware of the negative impact the fashion industry has on nature. Since his beginnings, he has strived to minimize the impact on our planet. He tries to minimize the impact on nature by using vegetable-tanned leather, flat packaging of the bags to optimize transport volume, avoiding materials from petrochemicals, and building a completely sustainable, ecological new company headquarters.

Vegetable tanning:

Vegetable tanning, also known as bark tanning, is a centuries-old technique that Dreyfuss offers in every collection. Certain plants are used because each tanning agent has different properties to achieve a desired result, e.g.: suppleness, strong or delicate colors.

The most commonly used tannin extracts are: mimosa, oak bark and quebracho wood

Vegetable tanning is a long process, but less harmful to the environment than chrome tanning. At the end of the process, the tannic acid bath and the leached tannin, full of water and tannins, can be recycled as they are completely biodegradable and natural substances. Vegetable tanning is also less harmful to health. This produces leather with natural tones and allows more intense and nuanced colours to be fixed. Leather processed in this way has a pleasant, sensual feel that varies depending on the leather and finish, but always gives the products a unique identity. This leather naturally acquires a special patina over time and ages like a fine wine.

Our Jerome Dreyfuss products:

We currently offer two types of bags: handbags and shoppers


1. Lulu L Bag Croco Amande

2. Lulu L Bag Croco Tabac

3. Bobi S Bag Tobacco

4. Bobi S Bag Croco Amande

5. Bobi Bag Turquoise

6. Bobi Bag Black

7. Jerry M Bag Black


1. Leon L Bag Tobacco

2. Leon L Bag Black

3. Paul Hobo Tobacco

4. Paul Hobo Black