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The Oakwood brand

Oakwood is a French brand that specializes in producing high-quality leather clothing for men and women. With a focus on creating long-lasting, stylish pieces, Oakwood has become a respected name in the fashion industry.

If you're looking for a new addition to your wardrobe, the brand has a lot to offer. Whether you're looking for a new leather jacket, leather pants or a cozy coat, Marandino has a variety of options to choose from when it comes to Oakwood clothing.

One of the standout products in the Oakwood range is the leather trousers. Made from high-quality leather, the trousers are a must-have for any fashion-conscious person who values ​​style and comfort.

They come in a range of styles, from slim and fitted to loose and casual, so you're sure to find a pair of pants to suit your personal style.

Leather jackets
Oakwood's leather jackets are another popular product with fashion fans. With a range of styles including classic biker jackets and more modern, fashionable designs, there is something for everyone in the Oakwood range. Made from high quality leather and with great attention to detail, these jackets are built to last and will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe.

When it comes to keeping warm in the colder months, a coat is of course a must. Luckily, Marandino has a wide range of stylish Oakwood models. From classic wool coats to edgy leather coats, the coats are the perfect mix of fashion and function.

Made from high-quality materials, Oakwood coats are both warm and stylish - a smart investment for any fashion-conscious person.

Sale at Marandino
If you're looking to grab some Oakwood pieces at a great price, keep an eye on Marandino's sales. During these sales, you can score amazing deals on everything from leather pants to coats - making it the perfect time to stock up on your favorite pieces.

In summary, Oakwood is a brand that offers a range of high-quality leather clothing for men and women. Whether you are looking for a new pair of leather trousers, a chic jacket or a cosy coat, Oakwood has a wide range to choose from. So if you want to fill your wardrobe with stylish and durable clothing,

Founder of the brand

Oakwood is a French fashion brand founded in 1982 by Michel Szspiegel. Michel Szspiegel had a passion for leather and started designing leather clothing for his friends and family.

Over time, demand for his designs grew and he decided to establish Oakwood as a brand specializing in high-quality leather clothing for men and women. Today, Oakwood is a respected name in the fashion industry and is known for its stylish and durable leather jackets, coats and trousers.