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The Italian family company Pomme D'Or was founded in 1975 by three brothers. Pomme D'Or Specializing in women's shoes with a focus on quality, topicality and comfort, high-quality materials are processed by hand in 50 individual work steps. Characteristic of Pomme D'Or is the special design, in which the processing of the inner lining is almost seamless. The inner lining is sewn to the upper leather like a sack. The leather is also made particularly soft by special processes. Whether ballerinas, high heels, boots or ankle boots, the focus is on extremely high wearing comfort and extremely high quality. Timeless designs also make the brand extremely stable in value. Pomme D'or is still one of the few brands that produce their shoes in the sacchetto style. Here the leather sole is sewn with particularly high quality and with the soft leather for unbelievable comfort.