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Who or what is SOKO?

SOKO is a women-led, ethical jewellery brand that connects the global market with artisans in Kenya.

The brand does not rely on typical factories but uses mobile technologies to support the workforce.

As a certified B-Corp, SOKO believes companies should use their powers to align profits and purpose.

B-Corps use their power to create a more sustainable economy

Soko is strongly committed to reducing inequality and poverty to create a healthier environment and stronger communities.

The company is committed to women who create and inspire every day to build a better, brighter future for themselves, their families and their communities.

SOKO's jewelry collections, which consist of evolved classics and subtle statements, are constantly expanded through constant research into form, materiality and craftsmanship techniques.

SOKO and Kenya

With a robust artisanal economy, multi-generational ingenuity, deep cultural roots and impressive technical capabilities, Kenya is home to an incredible amount of talent and beauty.

The problem

The handicrafts sector is the second largest employer in developing countries, but also one of the most marginalized.
By limiting sales to local, millions of talented artisans are trapped in a micro-economy, unable to earn enough to support their families.

The solution

With their boundless entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to try new things, Kenyans are ready and well positioned to break old patterns of poor infrastructure and economic hardship.

Through digital banking instead of a cash economy and access to mobile phones as the entire economy is mobile driven, SOKO has created a simple, commercially viable way to connect local artisans to the global market and industry. They have called the system a "virtual factory".

Virtual Factory = proprietary mobile application to connect networks

This supply chain innovation uses mobile phones to connect independent businesses directly with the SOKO team and global customers, allowing artisans to receive orders and payments.

SOKOS materials

Gold plated

The brand has high-quality gold-plated collections. These gold-plated products do not need to be polished and are difficult to tarnish. SOKOS gold jewelry is made of 24k gold-plated brass.


Brass is an affordable alternative to gold and allows SOKO to produce jewelry with a luxurious look and feel at affordable prices


The silver at SOKO is made from recycled brass. It is particularly shiny and ultra-modern.

Ceramic beads by Kazuri

Kazuri is a renowned fair trade women's collective in Kenya. They create handmade, hand-painted beads and ceramics that glow in a kaleidoscope of colors. These beads are made from clay that is dug by hand from the rich earth of Mount Kenya and then carefully worked piece by piece.

SOKOS Jewelry:

Stud earrings

Drop earrings

Hoop earrings