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Knitted accessories from Unio Hamburg

To give an outfit that certain something, especially on cold winter or autumn days, the hats and scarves from Unio Hamburg are the best choice.

Unio Hamburg's product range not only impresses with its selection of products such as hats, scarves and cuffs, but also with its colorful designs and outstanding quality.

Unio Hamburg hats not only keep you warm, but also complete any fashion look. The colorful world of Unio Hamburg hats offers you the perfect opportunity to add some color to your everyday outfits.

With the large selection of colors, you have so many options to find your individual style and express it. (Color selection see below)

You can use clothing items as accessories to express your personality through your outfit choices. Unio hats Hamburg or cuffs can help you express your creativity in everyday life. These great fashion pieces are practical and serve their purpose of keeping you cozy and warm.

The timeless designs fit together perfectly.


One feature that distinguishes Unio Hamburg's product range is the first-class quality of the products. The yarn selected from Italy is transformed into dreamy fashion pieces using precise manufacturing processes in northern Germany.

Thanks to the demanding quality management, the items keep their promises. Maximum comfort when wearing and a form-fitting fit are guaranteed by the manufacturing process.

All products of the brand are produced fairly and sustainably in Northern Germany

Made in Germany!

Through the regional and sophisticated processing of materials, Unio Hamburg also meets high quality and sustainability standards.

The raw materials used in production are selected from Italy and contribute to the high quality of the products.

Due to the high quality standards of the materials and precise workmanship, all products in the Unio Hamburg collection are durable and can serve your wardrobe for many years.

In this way, you too can do your bit for the environment by purchasing your favorite hat now for the coming years and avoiding the repeated purchase of poorly produced accessories.


Product range overview:



Maxi Scarf

Stina Hat

Mika wool hat



Friendly Sky



Stron Orange

Mika hats / many different colors